WCATY: Programs at a Glance

For over twenty-five years, the Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth (WCATY) has been the only statewide, year-round organization in Wisconsin dedicated to serving gifted students. WCATY works to create communities focused on students' talents and passions while also satisfying the requirements of educational systems interested in assessing student growth. 


Growing Early Minds (GEM) Grades 1-4       

GEM* Exploration program for 1st through 4th grade students
* Winter and Summer Sessions
* Focus on concepts to enhance curiosity and imagination
* 12+ hours of in-person instruction
* Incorporation of social/emotional elements
* Cost: $222, $30 application fee, additional optional cost for afternoon activities (Scholarships Available)
* GEM Family Day held each fall (Cost $30 per family)



Project A Missions Grades 5-8

Project A* A Community Passionate about YOUR Interests
* Focus on project creation and management
* Tier Two, extension curriculum with 20 hours of online instruction
* Students spend four to five hours per week completing activities
* Cost: Members ($115), WI Schools & Families ($125), Out of State ($175), International ($200)
                                             * Scholarships Available to WI Schools & Families


Smart Spaces Grades 6-7

* Ramps Up Challenge Over a Semester with Three Courses
* 6th Graders Start 2nd Semester, Continue 1st Semester of 7th Grade
* School, Family, and Community Capacity Built Around Students
* Grant-Support in Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Some CESA 5 Schools
* Pricing for Non-grant Schools Based on District Need




Academy Challenges Grades 5-8

* In-Depth Challenges Focused on Cross-Curricular Problems
* Tier Three, replacement curriculum
* 90 hours of instruction including three face-to-face meetings
* Rigorous reading and research requirements
* Students spend seven to ten hours per week completing activities
* Cost: Members ($225), WI Schools & Parents ($250)
                                             * Scholarships Available to WI Schools & Families



Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) Grades 9-12

* An Intense, Three-Week Academic Camp for Gifted High School Students
105 hours of college level challenge
* A safe community to belong and geek out
* All-inclusive residence life experience on the UW Madison campus
* Cost: Three Weeks Residential ($2800), Commuter ($1900), Scholarships Available


Summer Transitional Enrichment Program (STEP) Grades 7-8

* Two-Week Academic Camp for Upper Middle School Students
* Accelerated curriculum and head start to High School
* Place to belong and make lasting friendships
* Engaging residential atmosphere for social and emotional growth
Cost: Two Weeks Residential ($1900), Commuter ($1200), International ($2300), Scholarships Available



 Pre-College Academic Campus Experience (PACE) Grades 5-8

*Academic Camp for 5th through 8th Grade Students
* Accelerated curriculum, head start to High School, and campus exploration
*25 hours of instructional time
* Cost $420 plus a $30 application fee (Scholarships Available)


Young Students Summer Program (YSSP) Grades 4-6

*Early Academic Camp Experience for Elementary Students
* Week long focus on single subject
* Exposure to new disciplines
* Structured and safe residential atmosphere
* Cost: One week Residential ($970), Commuter ($650), Scholarships Available