Educators: How to Register

STEP 1: Read the Collaboration and Course Guide to select options for your students.

STEP 2: Go to Educator Resources page on the WCATY website to see and read more about course offerings.

If you need a WCATY username and password, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

STEP 3: Decide if a School or District Membership Program would save you money.

STEP 4: Send home the Online Program Application and DPI Scholarship Form to selected students.

You can also include the following fliers: Academy 7th and 8th Grade Challenges, Academy 5th and 6th Grade Challenges, Project Academy (Project A) 5th- 8th Grade Missions. 

STEP 5: Log-in to the Registration Unit and register students for courses. WCATY will accept and enroll your students.

STEP 6: WCATY will email student usernames, passwords, and beginning of class details to school coordinators.