Summer Commuter Life

Students who sign up to be a commuter student generally live near the camp location.  Commuter students arrive before morning meeting and depart at scheduled, program specific times over the course of the day. During both check in and check out, students and parents are able to touch base with the Commuter RA.

Dining and Food

Students will be eating at the campus dining facility for all of their meals. The dining service staff does an excellent job of meeting the dietary needs of all the students. However, this does require some planning on their end. It is requested that if there are dietary needs, the families contact the WCATY office a month in advance of the program date. If needed, WCATY will connect you with a dining services supervisor or dietician.


Depending on the camp, students are awarded a varying level of independence. For example, ALP students are awarded a great deal of independence with the understanding that they will follow the WCATY Honor Code. Academic and residential staff work together to provide a supportive environment. Outside of the classroom, all students are under the supervision of Residential Assistants (RAs). They help develop a spirited and friendly atmosphere among students in the dorms, lead students in activities, and ensure adherence to rules. At YSSP, students are never without an adult guiding then from one activity to another. RAs are carefully selected and receive extensive training prior to the program.

Recreational Facilities
Playing fields, courts, and general amenities give students a great range of recreational opportunities. To take advantage of these facilities, be sure to bring a swimsuit, baseball glove, tennis racket, Frisbee, volleyball, running shoes, etc. As a commuter student, it may be beneficial to bring an extra set of clothes, athletic shoes, and a couple dollars in cash. Students will be notified early if there will be activities which require special equipment.  There are secure rooms within the residence hall to store a bag during the day if needed.


Commuter students are welcome to attend weekend activities. They should notify their RA that they will be arriving and attending the activities at the end of the week. The specific drop off and pick up times will be arranged with the commuter RA. Weekend meals are not included in the commuter student tuition. Students can either bring food or pay for extra meals in the dining facility.

Health Services

All health related aspects of camp are handled through the University Health Services (UHS) at UW-Madison. WCATY staff and the UHS staff work closely to make sure students with medical needs are receiving appropriate care. There is a nurse on duty 24/7 and a doctor on call. Families will be sent an email from to complete the online health form.

Student Conduct

The WCATY honor code is based on an expectation of mutual respect for self, others, and the program. These rules are designed to maintain a friendly camp atmosphere where students are expected to be safe, include everyone, respect others, challenge themselves, and have fun. Upon admission, students will receive a handbook, which includes our rules of conduct and discipline policy.